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This site offers free legal Audio Bibles in different languages for download and online listening. Some of these audio Bibles can be freely copied and given to others. 75% of the world still does not have access to fast, inexpensive mobile bandwidth so a downloaded audio Bible meets a great need.

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Your purchase of an Audio Bible master copy that you can legally re-copy helps to fund the operation of this site. AudioTreasure.com has been offering free audio Bible downloads since 2000 and has distributed over 900,000,000 Bible audio chapter downloads to almost every nation of the world.

Popular Audio Bibles for listening and download

King James Audio Bible - soft music background

A recording of the classic King James Bible with a soft music background

Bible in Basic English - British Accent

A Public Domain recording of the Bible in Basic English with a British female accent that can be copied and used for any purpose.

The World Engish Bible - American accent

A recording of the World English Bible that can be legally copied and used for a any purpose

The Bible in Simple Spanish

A recording of the new Bible in Simple Spanish Translation. (La Biblia en Espanol Sencillo) released under a creative commons 4.0 "share with attribution license" that can be freely used.

The Bible in Mandarin Chinese

Downloadable Audio Bible in Mandarin Chinese - 国语音频圣经

King James Bible - Voice Only

A narration of the King James Bible with no background music. Read at a slower pace. Can be copied and used for ministry purposes.

How to Study the Bible

The Bible is the written Word of God given to bear witness to Jesus Christ, the Word made Flesh and the Saviour of the World. It is His Story. A good approach to studying the Bible is to divide it into three parts.

The Preparation - The Old Covenant scriptures tell us about Creation, The Fall of Man and God's Promise of a coming Saviour that would restore and redeem humanity back to God's original purpose to carry His image.
The Proclamation - The New Covenant begins with Four Gospels that record the story of Jesus Christ, the promised Saviour. His Teachings, Miracles, Death on the Cross and Triumphant Resurrection
The Explanation- The Book of Acts and the Letters of the Apostles to the Churches give us the explanation of what Jesus Christ accomplished for us in His Death and Resurrection.

It makes sense that Disciples of Jesus should spend more time studying the Proclamation (Gospels) and Explanation (Epistles) of the New Covenant without neglecting the Preparation (Old Covenant).

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