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 Nuevo Testamento y Salmos 

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Free Christian Audio Books
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Hindi New Testament
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Tamil New Testament
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Christian Colleges
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Tagalog New Testament

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Urdu New Testament
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Punjabi New Testament
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Cantonese NT
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La Sainte Bible en MP3

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God's Powerful Saviour
 Luke in 30 language

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Finding Peace in Uncertain Times
A 10 minute message from
Pastor Ron Johnson 

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The AudioTreasure site exist to offer audio Bible files for  download in as many languages as legally possible.  This site serves over
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The entire World English Bible in mp3 audio is just $15.75 on a USB thumb drive and the files can be legally copied to give to others. Your own local copy of an audio Bible is great for those times and places where the internet is not available.

The complete King James Bible in mp3 audio is just $15.95 on an included USB thumb drive and the files can be legally copied to give to others (non-commercial use) 

250 Instrumental Christian Hymns in mp3 audio on a USB thumb drive  $11.95   Over 8 hours of music.  These songs can be legally copied                   

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